2017 Ross County Fair Autocross Rules and Regulations

2017 Tim’s Tires Autocross and Monster Truck Show August 11, 2017 Ross County Fair Grandstand   General Rules: Vehicles must be in good mechanical condition and must have working brakes….

2017 Battle For Ohio Flyer

2017 Battle for Ohio pre-registration is now open!

Please CLICK HERE to be redirected to pre-registration for the 2017 Battle for Ohio at CTMX!

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4 days ago

Chilli Town MX LLC


There has been a lot of chatter about our Halloween Moto Mayhem race next month being a dual sanctioned event meaning you will need OMA and Race Ohio memberships.

OMA is going to discount memberships to $10 for this event but we are going to do an additional discount and take it down to $5. The Race Ohio membership is typically $20 but they are discounting it to $5 as well. By purchasing these memberships you will receive $10 in Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Race Gas bucks for the OMA membership and you will receive a $10 gift card from Middletown Cycle for your Race Ohio membership.

So of you don't have either membership it will cost you $10 on race day and you will receive $20 back in gift cards so you actually make money on the deal.

Please keep in mind you will get $10 in Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Race Gas bucks for signing up for a class too.

We were able to get Yamaha contingency for this event as well so that's also a perk if you ride blue.

I would think everyone has a AMA membership by now but if you don't there is one day memberships, youth memberships and a few other options you can take advantage online.

Please let us know it you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Thanks! ... See MoreSee Less

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Levi May

Jason Manns

Transponders ?

Are Race Ohio events bikes only?

Jason Lycans James A Pollock

If the Race Ohio series is Bikes only do the Quad Racers have to buy their membership?

Jason Manns jason Manns jason Manns

Can you only buy the $5 RaceOhio membership on race day at the track or is there somewhere online I can purchase it ahead of time for the $5 price?

Justin Beechler

What is the date on the Halloween mayhem

Assume you will be running the additional bike classes that race Ohio does that are not listed on your website?

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6 days ago

Chilli Town MX LLC

We are kicking around some ideas for the Halloween bash next month and would like your opinions. If we ran Vet 50+ and Vet 40+ on Saturday as buffer classes for the quads instead running on Sunday would that be favorable or not? Let's hear your thoughts! ... See MoreSee Less

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Great idea

Lonnie Stinson David Hill Martez Cuff?

Yep . Good idea and if you practice all day go straight to racing. You don't need practice if you been out there all day. Sight lap then run

How about 30 Plus, because I work Sundays.

What weekend is the Halloween bash?

Sounds good but I think you should add a 40+ over 200lb 125 class that just runs 3 laps for high quality entertainment

I love the idea. But will be in Florida unfortunately

David Smith

I would run plus 50 class on sat

I think it's a great Idea

Hopefully make it up for it

If you run a pit bike class all riders should have to dress up in costumes!

Yea I'm down

How about running all 50 classes on Sat. Not as many deep ruts.

Yes!! Run as many as u can on Saturday so ur Sunday isn't as long!!!

Not sure I like the idea.

Not favorable at all work on Saturday's

No way. Worst idea ever. Why would we want to race on a smooth, fast surface? You don't run the 50cc bikes the other than the pw class then. For the pw it's great because they are beginners and those bikes have zero suspension. Just because we are old doesn't mean we are beginners or want to road race.

I run in Saturday

I'll race Saturday, bad English

I get the comments about working Saturday as well, rough call

I'd show up to run 40+ on Saturday for sure.

Vet 30+ would be sweet

So they'd practice and race on the same day?? Not I great idea and they'd have a greasy flat track

Sounds groovy. I'm gonna see if the Nursing Home let us out early Saturday then, hold up, that's fish sticks n green jello day, bingo at 4. I'm out.

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